Black Cat Brown

Photodoodle 120315wb


The Artist-Adventurer

This week I am doing something different from my usual photodoodles.  Over on one of my other sites, “Ed Plays Games” I am putting up information on a roleplaying campaign I am working on for Dungeon World, called Land of 10,000 Gods.  Its an attempt to make a Dungeon World campaign with the flavor of the Indian subcontinent rather than Europe.  In Dungeon World characters originate in playbooks of various archetypes.  I want to provide illustrations for my different archetypes, so I thought I would photodoodle them!

Today:  the Artist-Adventurer.  This is a take-off of the more traditional bard.  Street artistry was and is very common in India, and there is great variety in terms of performance.  I wanted to move away from the archetypical lute strumming bard and include different types of street theater to the class – including puppets!


Original is of master puppeteer G. Venu.

B&W Portrait

After fiddling with colors, I thought I would do some B&W.  I am not much of a portrait photographer, but I do like a good, high contrast B&W portrait.  For this one I searched for public domain B&W photographs online, found this one on Instantshift, and then modified it in GIMP by using two layers – one of Ink Wash and a transparent layer of Hard Sketch (with inverted color) on top.

Photodoodle 110515wb

(Original photo from Instantshift.  Photo listed as public domain.  No challenge of copyright intended.)