Thai Military

Today’s photodoodle is from the article “Thai Army Declares Martial Law”  This photodoodle is in the public domain.

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John Lewis

I had a hard time getting inspired this week, so I decided that I would just pull headline photos from the Huffington Post and photodoodle them.

Today I have a photodoodle of Rep. John Lewis (D-GA).  Here’s a link to the story associated with the photo.

Note that this piece is based on a photo I do not have copyrights to.  No challenge to the original copyright is implied.  This photodoodle is released in the public domain.

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Catching up… Advent Day 14 – Gather

Today I am going to try to catch up on all the Advent days I have missed so far.  Yes, I know that they are passed, but just think of it as getting a bit of experience in the way my brain works.

Adventday14GatherI simply cannot hear or read the word “Gather” anymore without thinking of Mystery Science theater 3000.  It used to be that my ex-wife Lori and I would get together on Thanksgiving with our friend Paul and videotape the entirety of that years MST3K marathon.  It was good fun.  We would cook, eat, and watch really bad movies.

One year I even got arrested by BART police.

Great times!

Advent Day 7 – Ready

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Original photo from Getty Images.

The original photo became iconic, but later research and testimony indicates that it is not actually a photo of women fighting a fire at Pearl Harbor on December the 7th.   Still, these women were civilian volunteers at Pearl Harbor in the days after the attack.  They are seen here at a firefighting drill.

Neither the United States nor Imperial Japan were ready on December 7.  The United States was unprepared to go to war in the Pacific, and was unprepared for the virtual destruction of the Pacific Fleet.  Imperial Japan, however, was not prepared to deal with what it unleashed that day – an industrial giant that would, within four years, grind it to dust.

The Speaker

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Another famous person, this one Speaker of the House John Boehner.  I tried to use the same settings as I had used with President Obama.  This time, due to some peculiarity with the digital photo, I got sort of a weird effect in the eyes, but I decided to leave it.

I am tempted to point out that President Obama wore a flag lapel pin for his portrait photo, and Speaker Boehner did not.  But who would be crazy enough to make a major issue out of a lapel pin?

Once again, the original photo is not mine, and this image is not copyrighted.

The Prez

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I am feeling artistically dry this week, so I thought I would do some work on photos of famous people.  I started off with a photodoodle of Barack Obama.

Note that the original photo is not mine (though I am pretty sure that being a formal portrait of the President, it was paid for with tax dollars and is therefor in the public domain) and while I have signed it, I have not copyrighted it. It is, therefor, also in the public domain.