Ed wants to go to Dragonflight.  Ed needs money to go to Dragonflight.  So Ed desperately needs your help!

For pledge week this week, I am kicking off my new line of incentives!  These are rewards that you get for becoming a patron, and I think they are pretty cool (or at least funny, which might be better depending on how you look at it).

To become a patron, simply go to my patreon site and pledge!

For those of you who are already patrons, fear not!  You will receive the appropriate goodie for your support!

So without further verbage – the swag!

button$5.00 membership – membership button.  If you subscribe for $5.00 per month, you will become one of my official patrons!  I will list you on my websites as such, and each month you will get an e-card thanking you for your continued support!   Plus, you will receive an official button marking you as one of my patrons!  Wear it with pride to show off your support!




bumper sticker

$10.00 – bumper sticker.  For a $10.00 per month contribution, you will gain the same benefits as the $5.00 contributor, plus each month you will receive a bonus photodoodle in jpg format!  It will be formatted for 8″x10″ and will be suitable for printing and framing!  My way of showing appreciation for your support!  You will also get an awesome bumper sticker, suitable for bumper sticking!




tile$15.00 – ceramic tile.  As with the $10.00 subscription, but instead of a file, I print the piece out, sign it, and mail it to you!  Plus, for becoming a $15.00 patron, you get a ceramic tile to place on your coffee table, mount on the all, or bury in the garden to frighten any CSI members who happen to be digging there!





cup$20.00 – espresso cup.  At this level, you may send me a jpg of a photo at appropriate resolution and I will make a photodoodle of it, print it, sign it, and send it back to you.  The finished product will be 8″ x 10″  This will be a one-of-a-kind piece, not available for sale (though I may request the right to display it one one of my websites if it is particularly cool!).  Please send only photos that you control the copyrights to.  Plus, for becoming a member you get an espresso cup to remind you, first thing in the morning, what a wonderful person you are!




tote bag$25.00 – tote bag.  As for the $20.00 membership, but your photodoodle will be formatted for 11″ x 14″.  In addition, you get a tote bag because, well, all membership drives need to give out tote bags to be taken seriously – and everyone loves tote bags!





Cool swag, huh?  Stuff that you want!  Stuff that you NEED!

Become a patron today!