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This is part of one of the entries in the Humboldt County Kinetic Sculpture Race.  It wasn’t a great photo, but after I did some image manipulation, I found that it had some, um, emergent properties.

Anyway, I oilified it, then reduced the saturation because the blue sky was a bit overwhelming, then sharpened it a bit.

Done in GIMP 2.6

Good Bad Santa

Last week when I was working on my portrait of me with my smoking hat, I tried a variety of effects.  One that I didn’t particularly like was LASM Line Art.  But despite the fact that I didn’t particularly LIKE the image, it kept reminding me of something, and I couldn’t figure out what.  But it kept bugging me all this week.

sockarangWell yesterday it finally dawned on me.

Yep.  I look like Sockarang as Good Bad Santa from Axe Cop.

“Axe Cop” and the image of Sockarang used above are copyright Malachai Nicolle and Ethan Nicolle.  Image is used without permission, but no infringement of copyright is intended.  Visit Axe Cop at

Photodoodle is copyright Edmund Metheny.