From the Asian Art Museum.

After five weeks away due to a busted computer, I am finally back!  Hooray!
The motherboard on The Monster finally gave up the ghost.  Sophie has been using her work computer, but her home system (which I have nicknamed The Box) was also mostly dead, due to problems trying to set up a dual partition for Ubuntu/Windows.  So for the last five weeks I have barely been able to use Facebook and check my e-mail.  Doing anything graphical was out of the question.

But now The Box is functional again (albeit without the dual partition) and we have gotten GIMP installed.  I still don’t have all the bells and whistles for it (we’re having difficulty with G’MIC not loading in particular) but at least I have access to something now!

In other news, Sophie got me a new Pentex for my birthday to replace my old, dead T-90.  I am looking forward to getting out there and shooting up the world!

Thanks to everyone for your patience.  I am going to be working extra hard through the month of May to catch up on the photodoodles that I owe you, but for now here is a little something that I took at the Asian Museum of Art yesterday.

I'm so happy!