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The Ascetic

I really liked the way Dream Smoothing rendered the Artist-Adventurer, so I tried it with a bunch of the other classes.  I found the results overall unsatisfying.  Particularly when reduced in size the pictures became too photorealistic and much of the dreamlike quality was lost.  Shrinking them before applying Dream Smoothing obliterated too much detail.  So I thought I would try something else.  Art in the Apocalypse driven games is generally B&W or greyscale anyhow, so I tried this particular look using Multilayer Etch with a layer of Hough Sketch color inverted and used as a transparency layer on top.


Original Ascetic art using Dream Smoothing and Cartoon filter.

Ascetic 2

Second Ascetic art using B&W, Multilayer Etch, and Hough Sketch filters.