366 in 16: January 11 – Warmachine


Paul’s son Akira is a smart cookie.  He wanted to try a game of Warmachine, so I put together a couple of small armies and we went at it.

I love miniatures games.  Aside from roleplaying they are my favorite games to play, surpassing even coop games (if someone ever comes out with a coop miniatures game I am probably doomed to starvation).  I like painting the minis, even though I am only fair at it and have a hard time with big projects like painting entire armies.  I love a nice, well-painted army set up on a nice board with cool terrain (though in this case well, we didn’t quite get there.)

I gave Akira choice of army and he took the one I usually play – Cryx.  Normally I am not hot on undead armies, mostly because they are usually large, shambling hordes of low value figures.  Not Cryx!  They are one of the fastest armies out there, and they have some pretty tough units.  Their warcasters are fun too.  For this fight I built a Cryx army heavy on Solos – powerful individual models that operate independently rather than as part of a unit.  I also took a lot of small Helljacks, particularly ones with arc nodes that would allow the army warcaster, Denegra*, to cast lots of spells at range.

But anyway, Akira got them.  I got to play the army that Sophie normally plays – PIRATES!  Pirates have some seriously tough units, particularly the Sea Dogs.  Crank a unit of Sea Dogs up with Mr. Walls and some riflemen, back them up with Doc Killick, and they are a force to be reckoned with.  The Commodore Cannon is arguably one of the most lethal ranged weapons in the game.  Phineas Shea is meh as a warcaster, and pirate warjacks are lacking in arc nodes anyway, but they can pack a lot of punch.

It was a fun game, and I did pretty well through most of it.  In the end I had a really, really, REALLY bad turn (it should have been the turn that finished Cryx, I had back shots on several of his units, but whiffed EVERY FRIGGIN’ROLL!) followed by a good turn for Akira.  But I had a lot of fun in spite of having the map mopped with the faces of my army.


*One thing I DON’T like about Cryx is the stupid names they have for a lot of their warcasters.  Denegra?  Seriously?  Why not Leatherpumpus while you are at it?


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