366 in 16: January 31 – money


Money sucks.

We got hit again with fraudulent fees on our debit/credit card account again this week.  Embarrassing to admit – somewhere between $1,500 and $2,000.  We have been plagued by these attacks for months now.  Every time we shut down our account and start a new one we get hit within a few weeks.  We’ve done everything the fraud department told us to do – online payments through PayPal only instead of through our bank, not using unsupervised ATMs that are more likely to have skimmers attached, paying inside at gas stations, and the obvious stuff like not giving out credit card numbers to strangers.  Oddly it has been mostly Sophie’s card that has been hit – she is far more scrupulous about these things than I am (I know I have slipped up and used an outside gas pump ATM once or twice since the last time).

It’s so discouraging.  We have so little, and it gets stolen from us.  It feels a bit like the universe hates us, being plagued like this.  I wish it would stop.  I imagine our credit union wishes it would stop too.