The Warrior-Poet



The Relic-Bearer

This is the closest equivalent to the Fighter from Dungeon World.  An important thing to recognize about the class is that Hindu mythology has an entire class of weapons that are referred to as Ayudhapurasha (Holy Weapon Personified).  All of these weapons are spirits in the form of weapons and they are all tied to the gods.  They tend to be oversized or ornate (1 handed weapons look like 2-handed weapons, 2-handed weapons look like something nobody outside of a fantasy novel should be wielding).

Bollywood has put out a number of films showcasing such weapons.


The Sirdar

This is an illustration I did of an important NPC for my first “Land of 10,000 Gods” game, which I ran last night.  Pragati Nayar is the holder of authority in the town of Fish-For-Dinner.

I liked the way this one turned out, but I need to find a better font for my texts.

Pragati Nayar