Neah Bay

Photodoocle 093015wb


“It’s Too Hot!” Triptych

So, no sooner did I get a slightly better mindset than the power supply blew out on my computer.

Ever get the impression that the universe hates you?

Anyway, in the interim we have had a heat wave here in San Bruno.  By the standards of most people it wasn’t much of a heat wave, though it did get up into the low 90’s.  The cats, all being from cool climes, did not appreciate this, and proceeded to melt all over the house for the better part of a week.

I decided that since I have three cats I should do a triptych of this.

Photodoodle 092315 triptych

Photodoodle 092315(3)

Photodoodle 092315(2)

Photodoodle 092315(1)