Fast Friends Fast Asleep

We got Ubaid (the black cat) and Valentine (the white one) at different times from different places.  We got them both as adult cats.  Both are male.  I have never seen two cats who were not littermates take to one another the way these two did.  I am used to the more familiar model where two cats will tolerate one another, and maybe even become vaguely friendly in a distant way, but these two are amazing.  They follow each other around the house, tussle, and sleep together in a pile.  They apparently never heard that cats should be cold and aloof.

Photodoodle 071315wb


Caffeine and Apprehension

I sometimes find it a bit creepy to be out wandering the streets at 2:00 am with my camera.  It’s too quiet, too noisy, and there are too damned many shadows that someone can pop out of.  Tonight I was crossing over a walkway near Millbrae BART and I spotted a guy under some makeshift cover.  It was obviously his sleeping spot but he was awake, and watching me.  Nothing occurred, and he was probably at least as worried about me troubling him as I was about him troubling me, but I nonetheless felt rather stressed, and the soda in my stomach didn’t help matters any.

Photodoodle 070815wb(3)