Abstract cat

Photodoodle 052915


Pacifica – Rockaway Beach (3)

During most of my trip to Pacifica the weather was pretty overcast (I had actually intended to go to Milagra Ridge, but it was raining there).  Just as I was packing up to go, the sun came out.  I snapped the original picture with my iPhone.Photodoodle 052215(3)wb

Elean Revisited

With Elean Gonzalez back in the news today I thought I would use the iconic photo of his removal as a photodoodle.

Here’s the original:

I wanted to give it a dreamlike feel and also to emphasize the imbalance of power.  So I used Dream Smoothing (have I mentioned that I love Dream Smoothing) and then a few other filters to help define the shapes, and also used shear to make the officer taller.

Photodoodle 051815