Polar Bears

Begging week continues.  It would make me extremely happy if even one person subscribed to my Patreon site this week!  If you like what I am doing at all, if it gives you any pleasure, please, please, PLEASE consider becoming a subscriber on my Patreon site.

Photodoodle 021815wb



It’s begging week!

Since Pledge week didn’t work all that well, now I am going to beg.  Please, I’m begging you.  I try to put out five pieces every week.  Sometimes I do bonus posts on the weekend.  If you enjoy them at all, or if you just feel sorry for me, how about a small donation or subscription.  I’m not asking for much – even a dollar a month will make me happy.  Or if you want something, you can order a print or send me a photo that you want photodoodled.  I do commission work!  Please.  I’m begging!  Please!

Photodoodle 021615wb

Mr. Frosty

Pledge week continues!  If you enjoy my work, even a little, consider becoming a sponsor!  Go to my Patreon website and donate or pledge.  I can also put my art on a whole bunch of different mediums for you if you are interested in a particular piece.  Plus, I do commissions.

Don’t make me institute “Shameless Begging Week”!  Because you know I will!  Thanks in advance!

Photodoodle 021315wb

Made this one while trying out various combinations of “Rhodilius”, and “Paint” from G’Mic.  Added a bit of fog at the end.

Not sure I like the image as a whole, but I do really like the effect.

(The original is a sculpture of a fisherman).