Since I missed yesterday owing to illness, I thought I would give a twofer today.  These are both based on photos taken of the old Arcata lumber mill.  The difference between the two is that in the first one I used the GIMP “Cartoonizer” filter first, and the the “Gimpressionist” filter, whereas in the second, I used them in the opposite order.  Which do you like better in terms of effect?  Tell me!

Cartoon filter first, then Gimpressionist

Cartoon filter first, then Gimpressionist

GIMPressionist filter first, then cartoon filter

GIMPressionist filter first, then cartoon filter


Bonus Caturday Post – Phantom Finds a Lap

Several weeks ago we adopted Phantom.  Phantom is 15, had lived with only one person before, and had never lived with any other cats.  Normally we wouldn’t bring an only that old into a multi-cat household, but it was that or let him be killed (at 15 and black and with a physical imperfection he was written off as being unadoptable, and only some quick action by the emergency rescue program preserved him long enough for him to pop up on our radar at all).

To say that this cat was traumatized is an understatement.

So we’ve been taking it easy on him.  He’s been ensconced in the spare bedroom, and he pretty much hasn’t left it since he got here.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday Phantom ventured forth as far as the office and my lap.  Where he lay.  For hours.  And hours.  Later he came back and lay there for hours more.  Last night he came and slept on the bed.

This was one of those magical times for a pet owner and the adopter of a rescue pet.  That moment when the connection starts.