“Chummy” Jones

Inspired by my friend and artist Adi Elkin, who did a very nice illustration of the character she played in my Bloodshadows game (documented by wonderful writer wife Sophie Lagace) I thought I would also do an illustration of the character, “Chummy” Jones.

“Chummy” is an 11-year-old boy who woke up in Galitia three years ago with no memory of his previous life, but knowing how to do the things that an 8-year-old would know how to do, including sell papers.  In Galitia paperboys are known as streetsingers because they sing the headlines to attract customers.  “Chummy” has been selling his papers for three years now and trying to figure out where he came from.

He also has an imaginary friend named Gorge.  Except that Gorge isn’t imaginary.  “Chummy” isn’t really sure what Gorge is or what his relationship to “Chummy” is, but the creature has helped him in the past, usually by appearing and devouring people who give “Chummy” trouble.

Photodoodle 022316(2)

I tried to give “Chummy” a bit of an Edward Gorey feel, but also dithered the illustration to give it a newsy look.  I like the way the lines around the eyes and the missing teeth contrast, making the figure look simultaneously young and old.